In the Community

Our commitment to social responsibility stems from the belief that we are a part of the communities we serve, making us as committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as we are dedicated to providing the best in communications. Giving back is a fundamental aspect of Comium’s identity and values. We embace causes that most affect people’s lives every day, such as health, the environment, community development, cultural activities and education, while empowering people through offering career opportunities and continuous training. What could be more rewarding than making a positive contribution that makes a community smile! In Africa, we especially reach out to people by sharing their joys and sorrows, and helping them fulfill their dreams and ambitions. By getting involved in our communities, “we’re better together” has become much more than a motto; it has become a reality that we live by every day.

CSR Principles

  • We believe that social responsibility is not only a principle to uphold with our communities but also internally with our team members, and we encourage our employees and management to take part in our CSR initiatives.
  • We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics in our business practices and in our dealings with all of our stakeholders.
  • We are above all dedicated to social responsibility as a value that goes hand-in-hand with our strategic business objectives and that enhances the way we do business.

Exemplifying Education

  • In a bid to promote excellence in education in The Gambia, Comium invited students from SBEC International Bilingual School to visit our premises for a one day excursion on March 19, 2009. A group of 75 students including 6 teachers were given tours of the IT, Customer Care, Call Center and technical departments to acquaint them with our best-in-class customer care practices and IT solutions.

Improving Healthcare

Health is the key to a happy life. Therefore, we participate in and often implement health campaigns that generate health awareness in our communities and help them prevent and fight diseases and sicknesses:

  • In our endeavor to help in the rehabilitation of the Comium Ward (Eye and Dental Clinic), Comium participated in September 2008 in supplying the clinic with basic items such as toiletries, bed sheets, TV sets, DVDs, fridges, etc.
  • Comium helped mark two historic milestones in the history of The Gambia, as we were there to witness the birth of the first and second sets of triplets in 2008.  In recognition of these historic events and to relieve two desperate mothers who had pleaded to the nation for assistance upon delivering her triplets, we comforted Mrs. Modou Touray and Mrs. Abbie Jallow by providing them with financial assistance in addition to baby items and other necessities for their beautiful babies.
  • In Gambia, Comium supported Fight against Malaria Day by engaging in awareness campaigns and by sending Bulk SMS messages to all our customers. As part of our support we also distributed t-shirts during the seminars which targeted thousands of Gambians.
  • As part of  Comium’s Community Engagement Programs,  a process of building relationships with local community members who will work side-by-side with Comium as an ongoing partner, in any and every way imaginable, Comium Gambia made a generous donation worth tens of thousands of Dalasis to The Sinchu Orphanage. Opened in January 2009, The Sinchu Orphanage provides residence for 15 children ranging from 5 months-9yrs, however, has a capacity for 40 children.

Fighting Poverty

  • To help bring a smile to the less fortunate, Comium signed a partnership agreement with the Union of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) in Côte d’Ivoire (UOCI) to engage in helping the Government reduce poverty. Under this agreement, Comium has commited to funding and developing sustainable social programs that help alleviate the poverty rate in the country and generate employment opportunities for the less privileged.
  • Comium assisted the SOS Children’s Village in The Gambia by providing a whole variety of day-to-day necessities and little luxuries including bags of rice and sugar, t-shirts, school bags, MP3 players, radios, etc.  In addition, bags of cement were also donated to the villages to help renovate residences, helping alleviate community difficulties wherever we can.
  • In recognition of the Holy month of Ramadan, Comium offered gratuitous Iftar meals on major roadways in The Gambia.  This was a first-of-its-kind initiative that entailed the distribution of free meal packs comprising rice, dates, water and a fruit.  There is no more meaningful time than Ramadan to give back to our wonderful communities.
  • For the third year running,Comium Gambia provided FREE Iftar meals on a major highway and intersection (West Filed). Throughout the Holy month of Ramadan, Comium plans to serve more than 5,000 meals within the Greater Banjul Area and Up Country segment market.
  • The Home of The Elderly, under The Department of Social Service, is a center supported by government and is a family facility that houses the Center for Children and Home for the Elderly, and provides residential care services for vulnerable members of society which include Children and Elders with difficult circumstances and women in need of protection. On Saturday 18th September, Comium Gambia Ltd donated valuable food and non items to the Center. The items included Cooking Oil, Rice, Sugar, Milk, Laundry Basins, Soap, amongst others.